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Sometimes we think that upgrading our styles can be difficult, confusing, expensive so we end up sticking to the same outfits over and over but style doesn't have to be intimidating at all. It can be easy, it can be fun, and even affordable if you do it right way. Today we're going over 5 tips to upgrade your style.

1. Clear your Closets

Don't keep things you don't like in your closet. I used to have so many ugly t-shirts and shorts that I just kept in my closet because I thought maybe I'm gonna wear them one day when I'm chilling at home doing nothing that was a mistake because then I would wear those ugly clothes on and then let's say I'm hanging out at home all of a sudden have to take the trash out or answer the door and that looks like crap it's embarrassing, it's unnecessary. Get some decent sweatpants, some basic t-shirts that you wear to chilling at home look, not ugly basketball shorts and stained tees get rid of anything with holes in it stains, anything that's shrunk in the dryer, anything that has ugly faded colors.

2. Swap out your Sneakers for Boots

Sneakers can be awesome of course but changing things up is where the magic happens. Go for something different. Boots are perfect because they're easy to pull off give you an extra inch or two of height and they're masculine.

3. Fitting Matters

Fit is the most important thing when it comes to style. Make sure that you're getting your pants to tailor two ways, number one-get them hemmed so they're not extremely long and folded over your shoes and number two get them tapered in so they're snug around your legs that makes you look taller and slimmer. For t-shirts, they need to fit you perfectly.

4. Accessories

Accessories change your look completely I love a good t-shirt and jeans combo but there's no way you're gonna catch me with t-shirt and jeans without Rocking any accessories because that's just plain basic and every guy should have a watch. You don't have to wear it all the time but when you're rocking a basic outfit it's such an easy way to make it look more put together.

5. Layering

Learn how to layer. Layering is a game-changer it takes something basic and then he adds a lot of that mentions to it. It adds details to your outfit even something as simple as a t-shirt.

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