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Let’s Talk is a very powerful campaign that aims to spark millions of conversations about mental health.

‘Let’s Talk’ is a renowned national campaign by photographer Charlie Clift – a stunning series of bold and brave portraits where the subject’s most intimate and difficult thoughts are illustrated onto their faces by artist Kate Forrester. These intimate portraits, also including celebrities Sue Forrester and Alistair Campbell, tell each subject’s personal experiences around mental health.It’s ok to not feel ok. Speak up. Let’s Talk.

Each person photographed in this project has struggled with their own mental health demons. From their interviews, Forrester picked out and hand-lettered the most meaningful phrases best describing their difficulties across their faces, with Clift taking their portrait afterwards. If it weren’t for the hard-hitting, heavy phrases emblazoned on their skin, we could never have imagined that these were the thoughts brewing behind their smiling, serene faces. The campaign acknowledges the fact that we all need support — some more than most — and that listening, speaking up and accepting makes a huge impact.

We invite everyone to join The Photography Movement and start the conversation, inspire others to compose, connect and communicate.

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